Our Expert Technical Management Consultants

Sean F. Hagen, P.E

President & Managing Director

Mr. Hagen is an executive leader in technical management consulting in the global electric power generation and transmission industry, focusing on energy consulting and risk mitigation.

Dr. Tom Snyder

Director, Technical Services

Dr. Snyder is a Nuclear and Waste Management Industry leader in project and organizational management, systems/facilities design and economics, technical management/consulting, technology maturation and risk mitigation.

Dr. Steven Shelestynsky

Senior Principal Consultant

Dr. Shelestynsky is a Nuclear Industry leader in nuclear reactor design, technical/management consulting, and risk mitigation, bringing the depth of commercial and economic.

C. H. “Bud” Albright

Director, Government Services

The Honorable Clarence “Bud” Albright retired in January 2023 as the immediate past President and CEO of the United States Nuclear Industry Council (USNIC).

Adam Waite

Senior Principal Consultant

Mr. Waite has more than two decades of experience building and operating physical and informational infrastructure for companies and institutions of all sizes.