Hagen Global Teams and Consultants have led or participated in the following projects:

1. Independent Project Oversight

  • Independent Oversight of the initial Unit of a 4-unit CANDU Refurbishment Project

  • Independent Oversight of a single unit CANDU Refurbishment Project

  • Chair of a single-unit CANDU Refurbishment Project Executive Advisory Committee

  • Led a Due Diligence review of a Middle East/Northern Africa Combined-Cycle 5-Project EPC Portfolio

  • Led Independent Due Diligence Procurement Reviews of Brazilian N-S and E-W 750kV Transmission Line EPC Projects

2. Due Diligence Reviews

  • Started the Renewable/Alternative Energy Consulting practice for a prominent Engineering/Consulting firm

  • Reviewed Multiple International Transmission & Substation Projects

  • Reviewed Multiple Combined Cycle Projects

  • Reviewed several Nuclear Decommissioning Cost Estimates

  • Led Low-level Radwaste Processing & Packaging Technology Development projects

  • Led Review of Ore Emulsion-Coal Conversion Project

3. Project Engineering / Project Management / Program Management Assessments

  • High Temperature Gas-Cooled SMR - Reviewed and improved the company’s Design Control Program in readiness for the Reactor Program’s detailed design phase

  • Led fleet Performance Assessment of a major utility’s 6-coal-fired power plants

  • Supported water treatment and fuel removal designs after Fukushima event

  • Led a step change in the quality of a Nuclear Design Program by conceptualizing, creating, and implementing new Standard Operating Procedures that integrated Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission requirements and home office SOPs

  • Successfully developed Consulting processes, services, and qualifications for two separate engineering firms

  • Developed a computer and algorithm for the coating formulation and application prototype laser and managed field installation, redesign, and startup at a DOE National Lab

4. Not Otherwise Defined

  • Launched Global Energy Education TV, a channel on TV Worldwide, as a critical strategic component of Global Energy Education

  • Performed condition assessment of a coal-fired power plant to determine if seismic damage was appropriate with magnitude of earthquake

  • Participated in the buildout of a brand-new movie studio for a major Hollywood studio

  • Led projects to develop and implement Disaster Recovery processes and procedures at multiple companies

  • Stepped into and successfully led the engineering support for the installation and integration of a 2nd LLRW Incinerator Project that started without an integration plan or Design Basis

  • Led High-level Radwaste Site Processing & Packaging Technology Demonstration projects