Dr. Tom Snyder

Dr. Tom Snyder

Director, Technical Services

Dr. Snyder is a Nuclear and Waste Management Industry leader in project and organizational management, systems/facilities design and economics, technical management/consulting, technology maturation and risk mitigation.

Dr. Snyder was recognized by his 2010 ASME Sarge Ozker Award for distinguished service and eminent achievement in the commercialization of nuclear power/energy. He brings over 40 years of experience to Hagen Global in managing major capital projects, organizations, and engineering teams in:

  • Designing nuclear facilities and systems
  • Developing/commercializing nuclear systems and projects
  • Evaluating commercial feasibility for over 25 technologies/ventures for acquisition or scaleup
  • Executing facility and first-of-a-kind process technology start-ups

His areas of expertise include:

  • Markets for: Refractory and nuclear metals, nuclear and hazardous materials, ceramics, signature suppression, and energy (Westinghouse and GEH Nuclear).
  • Technologies: Hydrometallurgy, fuel cells, steam reforming, microwave processing, incineration, thermal desorption, evaporative crystallization, isotopic enrichment.

In 2020 Dr. Snyder joined Hagen Global Consulting LLC to support nuclear and energy industry clients in achieving their strategic objectives, managing risk, and optimizing enterprise results.

Dr. Snyder brings value to client organizations and project teams in effectively assessing problems, marshaling the prerequisite skills to resolve those problems, and assembling teams with those skills to achieve the planned results.

He translates complex technical and cost issues into actionable steps that enable Client executives and project teams to implement resolution based on a clear understanding of scope, schedule, budgets, and risks. He contributed over 42 patents and ~10 trade secrets to underpin his employers’ industrial pursuits, bringing FOAK process on line and restarting failed facilities and companies


Masters of Business Administration/Industrial Management
- Concentration: Organizational Psychology and Management
- Carnegie Mellon University, 1991- MBA/MSIA awarded with distinction

Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering
- University of Pittsburgh, 1972 – awarded summa cum laude

Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering
- University of Pittsburgh, 1977 – dissertation in interfacial phenomena and bio-photovoltaic reactions
- Spun off one additional dissertation in catalysis and two masters projects in bio-photovoltaics

Project Management Professional - current

Memberships in Professional Societies & Institutes
- Project Management Institute


  • 2010 ASME Sarge Ozker Award for distinguished service and eminent achievement in the commercialization of nuclear power/energy
  • George Westinghouse Signature of Excellence Awards (3)
  • Eagle Scout


IP and Publications: Granted 42 patents, >150 disclosures submitted for review; 10 trade secrets;
Authored chapters in two books and a number of research papers.