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Hagen Global: Bringing Order to Ambiguity during the Energy Transition



Company Overview

Hagen Global’s Vision is to be the global leader in energy and engineering consulting.

Our Mission is to enable Clients to achieve their energy goals and objectives aligned with engineering, science, economics, policies & regulations, and social trends – integrated with Client values.

More simply, we bring order to ambiguity during the Energy Transition.

We achieve this by providing integrated energy & engineering management consulting services worldwide by applying management consulting theory through the lens of our extensive engineering, energy, and management consulting experience focused on Client objectives.

Where others see ambiguity, Hagen Global sees opportunity.

By focusing on solutions instead of problems, and engaging Client teams throughout our project processes, from the trenches to the Boardroom, we enable Clients to own their next steps. Hagen Global clearly identifies and articulates options, pros and cons, and recommendation(s). By involving Client teams throughout our engagement, we enable Clients to decide, act, and achieve their objectives with confidence.

Global Energy Education: Working For Grid Reliability

Global Energy Education Services LLC, part of Hagen Global, is the management consulting arm of Global Energy Education.

Operating independently to achieve this Vision, the Mission of Global Energy Education Services LLC is to support Clients achieve their Energy Education related-objectives by utilizing the rubric that electric power grids can provide a Sufficient amount of Reliable, Resilient, Affordable, Safe, and Sustainable electricity for end users worldwide.

Accordingly, Hagen Global is a strong supporter of Global Energy Education TV.

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