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Company Overview

Hagen Global’s Vision is to be a global leader in energy consulting, helping clients reduce their carbon footprint in ways that are holistically sound, efficient, and socially just.

Our Mission is to provide integrated risk & management consulting services for the electric power generation and broader energy industry worldwide. Hagen Global applies its technical and financial consulting services effectively to both enterprise & project organizations and activities.

Hagen Global executives and technical management consultants have complementary skill sets that enable them to understand, assess, and translate complex technical & financial issues into understandable problems, causes, and options.

This enables Hagen Global to identify and clearly communicate options, and holistic recommendations that executive-level and Board-level clients can understand and act on with confidence.

By clearly explaining and bringing clarity to the often ambiguous issues and corresponding key drivers that challenge our clients, and focusing on solutions instead of problems, Hagen Global remains centered on collaboratively contributing to their scope-defined project-specific contributions required to achieve their client’s desired objectives.